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The legal team at the Law Office of Joseph Acevedo, located in the heart of San Antonio, is here to serve you! 

Joseph Acevedo offers legal assistance with a high degree of specialized knowledge. With almost 30 years of experience and our team's in-depth knowledge guarantee tailor-made, targeted solutions. Browse through our website or call us today to learn more about our legal practice and the practice areas of law in which we specialize.

Personal Injury

Were you in an accident?


Vehicle Damaged?

With over 60 years combined experience you can trust our team to make sure your wants and needs are met! We specialize in making sure our clients get what they deserve! 


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Criminal Law


Accused of a Crime?

Need a Bond?

Since becoming a licensed attorney in the State of Texas, Joseph Acevedo has specialized in helping those in trouble from all walks of life whether a Grammy Award winning artist, professional athlete or community leaders.


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Immigration Law

Trying to Become a Citizen?

Here Illegally?

Want to Help Family Come to US?

We have helped hundreds of family with their immigration needs and make sure our clients are always informed and taken care of when seeking citizenship.

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